Yoga of sound retreat - by Victor Sakshin

Datum: zaterdag 12 november 2022 10:00

Yoga means union, melting our individuality with the cosmic Self.

Nāda refers to the primordial sound, out of which everything originates.

Nāda yoga is a path of union through connection with the primordial sound. 


Yoga of Sound Retreat by Viktor Sakshin

Nāda Yoga and the voice of ecstacy


November 12th-13th full weekend immersion 

listen deeply

sing heartfully

free your voice

The joy of pure existence is calling you home. Listen, vibrate, love.

This is a calling. A calling of the heart to open to the depths of the inner voice and the subtlest vibrations we are made of. A calling to deep listening and singing meditation; a journey in sound towards the core.

This full weekend immersion workshop will offer you a rare opportunity to dive deep into yourself. With great attention, we will explore the body and the breath, from its densest dimensions to its subtlest dimensions. We will vibrate. We will discover from within the body’s capacity to produce sound, to receive sound, to become sound… and to open up to ecstasy in the free expression of its unique voice.

During this workshop we'll be applying tools such as:

-The essence of deep listening meditation.

-The essence of a free, clear and stable singing voice. The inner exploration of the voice.

-The essence of mantra chanting.

-Establishing dialogue with drone sounds and between the voices.

-The main ingredients of musicality; seeds for improvisation.

-Yogic body work and somatic movement to release constraints and create inner spaciousness.

-Yoga kriyas with live music that prepare the system for the voice of ecstasy. 

-Some key nāda yoga and dhrupad singing techniques to develop and enhance our relationship to sound.

-Free heartful singing circle.

-Yoga nidrā sound journey.


Conducted by: Víctor Sakshin

Ecstatic music singer, composer and improviser.

Meditation guide through yoga, tantra and vedic astrology.

Guest teacher: Tara Indra

Kundalini yoga teacher and fascia release therapist.


Saturday & sunday 12 - 13 november 2022  : 10h - 17h30

Inkom: 170€ VVK en 190€ ADD (soep inbegrepen)

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About Víctor Sakshin:

Sakshin is a musician, Integral Yoga teacher and Ayurvedic therapist specialized in Vedic Astrology (jyotiṣa) and mantra-healing. After completing a bachelor's and master's degree in Philosophy, since 2008 he has dedicated his life to the practice, study and teaching of Yoga, focusing chiefly on meditation through mantras and ecstatic music, perennial wisdom and kundalini tantra. Between 2014 and 2020 he lived in a gurukula residential school in India, completely devoted to the practice of dhrupad (the oldest and most meditative form of Indian classical music) under the guidance of his mentors, the Gundecha Brothers. He regularly offers group and individual sessions, courses, workshops, concerts and retreats between Spain, Belgium, India and Brazil. 

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